Edstein Creative | Innovators In Stone Creation, Taree NSW

Benchtop Process

Edstein Creative Stone’s Taree facility houses one of the most advanced stone bench top production lines in Australia.


The facility combines the best technology from Europe with German, Italian and French machinery all controlled by the latest CAD CAM software from Germany. The overall production scheduling is managed by Job Tracking software that comes from the USA and provides live job processing date to all staff and selected customers who require live production status updates.


Quoting system allows for fast turnaround times and also remote third party access to carry out their own quotes on our system 24/7. The Counter Go system provides multiple options or variants in the one quote.

Once the client has received the quote a job is created in our Job Tracking software and a production slot is booked.


Job tracking software allows ECS to plan all stages of a job and keep track of production live from the factory. This slide shows the individual tasks for a particular job and the planned activities. This level of details provides a clear production timeline which aids the planning process. We also have the ability to provide access to customers on this system so they can keep track of their jobs 24/7.


The process begins with a site check measure using our proliner measuring device that creates an electronic template accurate up to 0.5mm. The site measure staff collect all of the relevant information from site to allow CAD drawings to be developed for manufacture of the required benchtops.


The site information is added to the Job file online which then flags the CAD office that the job is ready for production. A CAD drawing is developed showing the overall details for the job but the Sekon Software has a high level of production information built in ready for the next process.


A slab drawing is then developed which sets out the nesting of the benchtop pieces onto the slab ready for our CNC Saw cutting. The nesting drawing is the control information that the CNC saw uses to cut the benchtop from the slab for the job.


Applying the edge profile is the next stage and depending on the detail of the job we have 2 options for this process. For complicated benchtops we use our CNC polishing machine that can cut and polish shapes, apply the joins and under mounted sink cut outs. The CNC is controlled from a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) file created in the office which tells the machine which tool to use in what location. The CNC machine uses up to 8 diamond profiles to cut, shape and polish the stone thus transforming a sawn dull edge to a shining fully polished edge.


For straight forward jobs we use an inline polishing machine that applies the edge profile using diamond and abrasive stones to polish straight edges.


On completion of the edge polishing the bench is assembled ready for final finishing touches and a QA check to ensure that the bench meets our quality requirements prior to loading.


Installation is then carried out by our tradesmen.