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Glass Splashbacks

Edstein Glass Splashbacks

Edstein Glass Splashbacks

Edstein Creative Stone manufactures and installs coloured and printed glass splashbacks to any area in your home to add depth and wow factor to any room. Get your new stone benchtop and glass splashback installed the same day.

Edstein Glass SplashbacksEdstein Glass SplashbacksEdstein Glass Splashbacks

Important facts about Glass Splashbacks and Edstein’s process

  • All glass is 6mm thick and comes with all edges polished.Edstein Glass Splashbacks
  • All internal joins are a butt joint, external joins are a miter joint.
  • Size limitation for standard glass is 3.6m x 2.4m.
  • Toughened glass is heat resistant to 600 degrees, the paint used is heat resistant to 400 degrees.
  • Check measure is carried out at the same time as our bench top measure, it is crucial we know the bench top thickness and glass requirements at this time.
  • Additional costs are incurred with power point cutouts, notches etc. These must be included on your plans, including exact location at time of check measure.
  • A power point cutout can be within 10mm of edge. If in doubt we will add a join for safety when making L Shapes.
  • Prints are available, higher the resolution the better the result. If you not have you own picture we recommend istock and using a panoramic shot. (a layer of paint is applied after the print to seal and protect the print). If the print resolution is low the image will appear pixelated.
  • When choosing light colours ambient light will affect the way these colours appear. They may not look the same as they have in the showroom. This is due to the colours and light they are reflecting from their surroundings.
  • Textured glass is available but not recommended. It is limited to size and as a rule cannot be guaranteed as toughened glass. We will have four styles that are toughened glass and are satisfactory to use.

Choosing your Glass Type

Edstein Glass SplashbacksWe can offer 2 specific types of Glass, when choosing pale colours low iron glass is recommended.

Type 1 Standard Glass

Standard Glass has the Green Tint and can affect the paint colour. This change the colour of the paint.

Type 2 Low Iron Glass

Low Iron is as it says, less iron which makes the glass clearer. When painted this glass will not change the colour of the paint.


Why Choose Edstein Creative…

With a heritage dating back to 1896 Edstein Creative boasts some of the most technologically advanced stone production facilities in Australia.

Edstein Creative has the unique ability to meet the entire markets needs from catering to the one off requirements of an individual customer in the domestic market or to the needs of the major home builders in NSW through to major commercial jobs.

Continually looking for ways to offer our customers a more complete service Edstein Creative are now offering Glass Splashback installs the same day as your stone benchtop.

Creating spaces as individual as you are…

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