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Stone Splashbacks

 Clearance required around cooktops


 There are rules in Australia about how much space there needs to be around cooktops – these are listed in the Australian Standard AG/601-AS5601. Gas burners in particular get plenty of attention, thanks to the fact that they operate using a naked flame.

According to Australian regulations, the minimum clearance between a gas cooktop element or burner component is:

  • 600mm of vertical clearance to a combustible surface, and 200mm of horizontal distance to a vertical surface. If these measurements can’t be met, the surface in question must be protected with a fire resistant material in accordance with AG/601.
  • 600mm to a rangehood
  • 750mm to an exhaust fan.

Gas Cooktops

Freestanding or bench mounted

For gas cooktops it is recomended that a minimum 200mm clearance from the peripherary of the gas burner to the stone splashback as per the AS/NZS Standards, AS/NZS 4386.2:1996  Electric Cooktops. Domestic Kitchen Assemblies – Installation




Electric / Induction Cooktops

Freestanding or bench mounted


For both electric and induction cooktops it is recommended a minimum 50mm clearance from the back edge of the cooktop to the stone splashback.




Failure to comply with Australian Standards voids any warranty on your stone splashback and may also result in your home insurance being void in the result of an accident.