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Lithofin Care Kit P.E


Includes: MN Easy-Clean, MN Power-Clean, MN Polish Cream, Microfibre Cloth & Maintenance Instructions.


1 x 500ml MN Easy-Clean
For every-day cleaning of small stone surfaces such as kitchen bench-tops, tabletops, bathroom vanity tops and wall tiles. Enhances the appearance of the stone and leaves a pleasant odour.

  • cleans, protects and maintains
  • ready to use
  • does not leave streaks
  • no health concerns once dry

1 x 500ml MN Power-Clean
For thorough cleaning in case of severe general and greasy dirt, residues of floor care products, etc. For regular cleaning of high-traffic and outdoor areas such as shopping centres and food courts. For final cleaning of new surfaces at building sites. This product is recommended for all types of natural stone, but especially for polished marble and limestone.

  • concentrate
  • strong effect
  • free of acids, mildly alkaline
  • low on solvents and odour

1 x 125ml MN Polish Cream
For enhancing and polishing stone surfaces, provides gloss and protection. Takes care of all polished surfaces, and maintains their beautiful appearance. No health concerns once dry (according to report FMPA).

  • easy to polish
  • low on solvents, water based

Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions23 × 27 × 85 cm

1 x 500ml MN Easy-Clean, 1 x 500ml MN Power-Clean, 1 x 125ml MN Polish Cream, 1 x Microfibre Cloth, 1 x Sponge, 1 x White Nylon Pad, 2 x Yellow Polishing Cloths, Maintenance Instructions