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The environmental focus of Edstein Creative Stone has shifted from demonstrating proactive approach in adopting sustainable practices toward aligning sustainable practices to support the strategic goals of our business and future direction of our organisation.

Our market has become a commodity based product and this lead to our participation in the Sustainability Advantage Program (SA), facilitated by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. With this understanding our team have realised our costs must be lowered and controlled in order for our business to be sustainable. The push to reduce waste, become more resource efficient and in doing so reduce our carbon foot print is now engrained in the everyday process of how we conduct business. We no longer think about environmental performance; it is built into each daily process.

OEH SA Case Studies - EdsteinOEH SA Case Studies – Edstein

Our core vision as innovators in stone with commitment to quality, environment and community is to be at the forefront of the stone industry, with a focus on our environmental impact by delivering the best quality product with as little waste as possible. Our team has discovered a way to streamline processes, reduce waste, increase throughput at lower cost, and increase profitability through the Green Lean Program supported by SA.

The most significant outcomes from the Green Lean initiative have been the positive change in culture at our firm, increased customer satisfaction and improved market share as we out-perform competitors delivering the same product and service. We have been able to cut lead times, ease bottlenecks, and reduce rework in order to enhance profitability, improve labour margins, and cut energy use per product as a result of this process of continual improvement.

The key to achieving our goals moving forward is to continually strive to improve our systems, practices and results with each and every process having a sustainable outcome of measure. We currently sit atop the Australian Stone industry and our goal over the next 5 years is to assist other businesses become focused on their future taking into account sustainable business practices. We feel this can be achieved through showing both the financial and environmental results we have achieved and how they make good sense for any business in our industry to follow suit. We hope to achieve this education in conjunction with OEH through a case study that can promote our business to the wider market by defining our achievements so far and future goals. We are also working closely with the suppliers of our plant & equipment providing hard data and results achieved through investing in environmentally friendly machinery that can be used to encourage other businesses to follow suit.

Our journey so far has been very rewarding both financially and morally and we are committed to continuing ingraining sustainable business practices in every decision we make moving forward.